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Set your own prices and get paid what you deserve. Our top professionals make more than $1,000 a week.

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You choose when you want to work and how much. Build a full schedule of your customers or simply add a few jobs on the side.

Easy Payments

No more tracking down your customers for payments. Your payments are direct deposited into your bank account soon after the job is complete.

Photographer Requirements

  • Must have paid experience in Photography
  • Must be authorized to work in the country you are applying in
  • Must have excellent customer service skills
  • Must have a portfolio we're able to verify
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Can I set my own pricess?

Yes - you may set your own prices and may decide which services you'd like to "offer".

How does Walkthrough get paid?

From every transaction, Walkthrough takes 15% from the provider and 5% from the agent for every booking as a referral fee.

What is my association with Walkthrough?

Walkthrough is a marketplace like AirBnB, Uber or Upwork. You are an independent contractor that services your own customers.

What services can I offer on the platform?

Today we offer photo packages of 10, 25, and 35 photos. Within the next few weeks we're adding 3D Tours, Floor Plans, twilight, Exteriors only, and Aerial photography & videography. Our aim is to offer every service that real estate book when selling a home. If you have suggestions for what services or packages we should add, please let us know. It's best to email pascal@getawalkthrough.com.

Do I still do my own editing & how do I deliver photos?

You are 100% responsible for the delivery of the assets & editing. Similar to how you operate today without Walkthrough, if the customer asks for additional photo edits or requests, it is your responsibility and up to your discretion if you will add additional photos, make edit requests, or do any reshoots. Keep in mind, you're still building a relationship withe the customer so that they're happy and want to book you again.

How do I set & track my availability?

Within your settings page, you set your availability to set which recurring hours you'd like to work each week. (e.g. Monday 9-3pm, Wednesday 8-12pm, etc) You'll then integrate your Google Calendar to track existing obligations and appointments to make sure you're not double booked! Going on vacation for a week? Just block it out in your calendar!

What if I have a team that I want on the platform?

Today, you're only able to sign onto the platform and set your own individual pricing. By mid-february, you'll be able to set pricing and manage your team through the marketplace enabling any of them to get booked.

I have other questions, who should I ask?

Please send your questions directly to Pascal (pascal@getawalkthrough.com). As more questions roll in, we'll continue to update this page!